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Due to the extremely space-saving, hydraulic training devices, excio offers a solution for every training area, because two antagonistic muscle groups are trained in one device. The devices, which are approved as medical devices according to the MDR (EU)2017/745 regulation, are perfectly suitable for medical and therapeutic training as well as therapy.

Our medical training devices

Kinesthetic Line

EX-03 von Heuser Excio

The kinesthetic-line offers the most comprehensive options of the excio equipment lines. Via the 10.4 inch touch display, the exerciser can monitor his activities through motivating real-time biofeedback and train in the ideal range.

Via the "exhausting box" we achieve an adaptive training adjustment to the success of the trainee. Optionally, the latest generation kinesthetic-line can also be equipped with the "range-of-motion" (ROM).

In addition, we can now optionally display the access control to the training equipment via RFID.

The browser-based software can be used to document the training of your members and patients and to control access to the training equipment. The legitimation for training can be granted by each trainer to a customer through his trainer transponder. Afterwards the customer can be created in the software. Get to know now all the functions and possibilities that our ExT-Manager enables and make a presentation appointment with us, we will be happy to advise you.

  • biofeedback
  • adaptive training adjustment
  • ROM
  • 10.4" touch monitor
  • RFID ready


E-03 von Heuser Excio

The excio-highline is equipped with the stepless resistance adjustment TripleSlide. This has a touch-sensitive surface with eight additional key surfaces. They can be used to quickly and easily adjust the resistance separately for each direction of movement. The difficulty levels are made visible with LEDs.

The excio-highline is equipped with a chip card control system that stores all of the user's individual settings on a card. Each device thus adjusts to the respective user in the shortest possible time.

The "Lock" function can be used to block the devices in general. A chip card is required for unblocking. In this way, access to the devices can be monitored and used commercially.

  • 15 different machines
  • touchpanel for resistance adjustment
  • chip card control
  • ergonomic pads in your design


XT-01 von Heuser Excio

The innovative full-body workout with a focus on the core muscles.

Motivation is always the basis for a long-term successful training.

With our new excio Intension training equipment, we offer a new type of training that prevents the motivation level from dropping.

With the excio Intension, a lever arm is moved in a standing training position against an adjustable and hydraulic resistance in two-dimensional space. This results in a new possibility to perform strength training with complex movement sequences in all directions. A touch display visualizes the movement and offers motivating training tasks with gamification factor.

The training possibilities of the Intension are so versatile that it has a high benefit for both the health and fitness sectors. The training can be customized to cover different training goals. This means that training is not only possible in the coordinative area, but also in the area of strength, strength endurance or speed training, and all of this always with a focus on the stabilizing core muscles.

Pelvic floor trainer

PT-04 von Heuser Excio

The excio pelvic floor trainer is one of the first ergonomically adaptive training devices that train and visualize the pelvic floor function in the simplest and most pleasant way. The user sits fully clothed on the device. This allows a relaxed training, which can take place on the training surface.

A sensor integrated into the seat surface bioactively registers the activity of the pelvic floor muscles and the training specifications are individually adapted to the respective trainee before the training begins.

During training, the pelvic floor is tensed, the tension is held for a certain time and the muscle is relaxed again. These exercises are repeated several times. The muscle movements during the training are visualized on a screen. An on-screen graphic prompts the exerciser to tense and relax the muscles. The user follows a predefined curve with his muscle movement.

In the excio pelvic trainer, the sensor, with an automatic function, is perfectly adjustable to the body. In combination with the adjustable back pad, it is possible to perform the training in a relaxed, seated position. Thus, the pelvic floor can be trained in isolation with the excio-Pelvictrainer to achieve the best training results.

Optionally, the training device can be equipped with an RFID access system and the training results can be documented and exported via a data package.

Our solution - excio training equipment

In order to achieve compatibility between training and therapy, it is important to combine the best of both worlds. Thus, excio's training equipment offers the motivation and resilience of classic fitness equipment and fulfills the therapeutic demands on the equipment in terms of medical approval as well as training that is easy on the joints. Our customers can therefore provide their patients with comprehensive therapy on the excio training equipment. Afterwards, the therapy success can be consolidated by training under therapeutic guidance in the self-pay area. With unique selling points such as the pelvic floor trainer and the world's first excio Intension, you can offer your customers a varied and comprehensive health training program.

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Depending on the concept, our customers can offer effective training even in an area as small as 20m². In this way, owners and customers benefit from the 2-in-1 function of the excio training equipment, which is made possible by the double concentrics.

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Expansion of your range of services on the healthcare market.

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Training equipment perfectly fit into the image of their interior through idividualization, for example, the upholstery.

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Create long-lasting patient and customer loyalty to your facility through motivational and scheduled group training.

What our customers say

The low adjustment of the devices is very positive for our patient clientele [...] and above all, due to the double-concentration of the devices, we achieve a flexing of the cartilage tissue, which in turn can have a very positive effect on cartilage health.

Bastian Bloier, Sports and exercise therapist

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